History Festival Poetry Takeover

History Festival Poetry Takeover: May 2020

Years 4-11

Throughout May, all schools throughout South Australia are invited to participate in a poetry-developing activity.

We encourage you to engage with museums and interpret museum collections in a different way. What does local history mean to you? Why are objects important and why should we care? Why would a museum have that particular object on display? What’s the story?

Children and young people in years 4-11 are invited to pick a museum object and write a poem relating to the theme ‘change’.


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Updated to accommodate COVID-19 access restrictions

Due to new national social gathering measures announced by the Prime Minister on 22 March, many community museums and galleries will be closed. If your local museum or gallery doesn't have a website or online galleries, students can still take part in the Poetry Takeover. Along with accessing digital objects from the History Trust collections, students may also take inspiration from other state and national collections found online. Below is just a sampling of digital collections in Australia and abroad. We'll be adding to this list as more materials become available.

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Poetry Takeover Resources:

Reflection cards (PDF)

How the Poetry Takeover demonstrates good museum practice (PDF)


More handy resources:

Rules for a Playful Museum (PDF)